3 Major Advantages Of Honoring A Deceased Loved One With Cremation Services


After a loved one passes on, planning their funeral can be very stressful. Instead of having a traditional funeral with a casket, though, you might consider cremation services. They come with the following advantages.  Cost-Effectiveness A traditional funeral that involves a casket can be really expensive. Caskets alone typically range into the thousands, and you may not have this type of money to just hand over. In this case, cremation services may be a better option because of their cost-effectiveness.

18 October 2019

A Podiatrist Can Help You Manage Heel Pain While Your Foot Heals


Heel pain is one of the more frequent foot complaints because it can be caused by plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, which are common foot conditions caused by playing sports, walking more than you're used to, or wearing the wrong type of shoes. However, heel pain has other causes too, so if you have heel pain that doesn't clear up quickly, then you should consider seeing a podiatrist. Here's what a podiatrist might do to help.

10 April 2019

The Benefits Of Choosing A Short Term Rehabilitation Vs. Trying To Rehabilitate At Home


When you need short term care because of an illness or injury, you might consider trying to receive services at home. While there are a number of benefits to remaining at home while you recuperate, there are also a number of benefits to choosing a short term rehab facility, such as Valley View Retirement Community, in order to get the services you need. If you live alone and you are nervous about your recovery, staying in a facility will ensure that you have help any time that you need it.

6 January 2017

Are You Pregnant? 2 Eye Problems Your Baby Could Have


Not only can adults and children have eye problems, but babies can too. It is much more difficult to notice eye issues in a small baby, and in many cases problems can go undetected until your baby is much older. This is why it is beneficial for you to be aware of some of these things. Read below to learn about two problems your baby could have with its eyes.

1 December 2015

Questions New Contact Lens Patients May Need Answered


Vision problems can cause many people to struggle to be able to clearly see the world, and this can lead to a host of problems. While glasses can correct these issues, there are many patients that are concerned about the aesthetic or practical problems of wearing glasses. These individuals may benefit from choosing contact lenses for to fix their vision problems. If you have only recently started considering getting contacts for your eyes, you may benefit from having some routine questions answered about these corrective lenses.

27 August 2015

Four Tips For Choosing Glasses For Your Little One


When your child sees an optometrist at a place like Vision Eyeland Super Optical LLC, and you find out that your children need glasses, it can be tricky to find the right glasses for them. You need to take your time when choosing a pair of frames, because you want to be sure that you get a pair that are comfortable for your child to wear and within your budget. The following guide walks you through a few things to consider when choosing a pair of glasses for your little one.

12 August 2015

3 Ways To Reduce Your Chances Of A Yeast Infection


Yeast infections are fungal infections that are usually characterized by burning and itching in the genital region. For every four ladies in this country, three of them will have such an infection in their lifetimes. Many of them will go on to have more than one. They can be very uncomfortable; to avoid them, use the following tips to reduce your chances of getting a yeast infection. Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

30 July 2015

Why Your Child May Need Bifocals


Sometimes kids with vision problems need to wear bifocals, even if only temporarily. Since the lens contains two different prescriptions, bifocals help correct both near and far vision. This allows a child to see better at all distances. Although bifocal lenses generally are associated with adults as they get older and have trouble changing the focus of their eyes, pediatric ophthalmologists (such as those from San Juans Vision Source) sometimes prescribe bifocals for children who have focusing problems.

10 February 2015

Too Much Love? A Look At Hoarding Disorder, Animal Hoarding, And The World Of Mental Disorders


Every year, about 250,000 animals are rescued from animal hoarders. These animals are often neglected, diseased, and hungry, which does not make sense because the general public assumes that a person who hoards animals does so to give their pets better lives. Only recently has the world of psychiatry taken a serious look at animal hoarding, and hoarding in general. Here is an introduction to hoarding disorder, hoarding animals, the distinction between these two conditions, and why animal hoarding is a misfit in the mental health world.

5 February 2015

What To Expect At A Massage Session


You have most likely heard other people talk about how relaxing a massage can be. If you have decided you would like to have a massage of your own, you may be a bit apprehensive about what to expect. Having a massage will be pleasurable and there is nothing to be afraid of. Here is a timeline of what happens from the time you get to the massage parlor until the massage is completed to help you feel better about what is to come:

29 January 2015