Four Tips For Choosing Glasses For Your Little One


When your child sees an optometrist at a place like Vision Eyeland Super Optical LLC, and you find out that your children need glasses, it can be tricky to find the right glasses for them. You need to take your time when choosing a pair of frames, because you want to be sure that you get a pair that are comfortable for your child to wear and within your budget. The following guide walks you through a few things to consider when choosing a pair of glasses for your little one.

The Size

Children's glasses come in many different shapes and sizes to ensure that they are the right fit for the child's face. Be sure to have your child try on a few pairs of frames to be sure that the ones they choose are not too wide or too narrow for their face. Glasses that are too narrow will apply pressure at their temples, which could cause them to have headaches from time to time.

The Style

Be sure to let your child choose the glasses that he or she wants to wear. If your child is able to choose their own glasses, the chances of them actually wanting to wear the glasses will greatly improve. It is okay to set a budget for the glasses and limit them to a few different frame options, but do not force them to get a pair of glasses that they do not like because it will be difficult to get them to wear them.

The Security

If you have a small child that will be wearing glasses for the first time, you may want to buy an adjustable strap to attach to the arms of the glasses. The strap will keep the glasses in place while your child bends over, runs, or simply enjoys playing throughout the day.

The Storage

When your child bathes or goes to bed at night, you want to be sure that they have a safe place to keep their glasses when they are not wearing them. There are eyeglass cases available that are great for storing glasses, but you need to be sure that you choose a case that your child can easily open and close on their own. Have your child open the cases in front of you at the store before choosing one case over another case.

If you take all of these things into consideration, finding the right glasses for your child will be a breeze. It is important to realize that it often takes some time to have glasses created, so be sure that you order the glasses as soon as possible. That way, your child can start seeing better sooner rather than later.


12 August 2015

Making Changes With Vision Therapy

When my daughter began having academic problems in school and acting out, I knew that something wasn’t right. Her teachers wanted me to put her on ADD medications, but I didn’t think that that was the right course for us. I had serious doubts that ADD was what was causing her problems. I took her to several different specialists before discovering that her issues in school were actually do to a visual processing problem. The doctor recommended vision therapy, not medication, to help correct the problem and get her back on track. The exercises are really starting to pay off, and she’s showing great improvement.