3 Common Types of Injuries Urgent Care Doctors See

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Your eyes can be an indicator of your health. In fact, it could be the case that your eyes have become infected and that this is indicative of a more important issue such as a foreign object in your eye. Urgent care treatment is often essential for addressing your health issues.

Are you thinking about coming to urgent care for an eye injury? These are some of the things you need to know before you come to urgent care.

Eye Scratches

One of the most common injuries to the eyes is a scratch. Scratches come out of nowhere, and there may be little way to control them. You might experience a scratch because of a pet who gets close to your face or perhaps because of a child throwing a toy.

Not all scratches are so obvious, however. Some people experience scratches caused by sand or dust getting in their eyes. Looking for the physical symptoms will be much more important in this case. Symptoms of scratches include redness, sensitivity to light, and irritation on and around the eye.

Foreign Objects

A foreign object getting in your eye can be especially difficult to deal with if you are not sure exactly what is in your eye. This typically happens when large objects get into your eye, including glass fragments or clumps of dirt.

The most common symptoms associated with this injury involve burning and swelling near and around the eye. You might experience vision loss and redness in the affected eye. A doctor may be able to help you remove or flush out these fragments safely.

Physical Injury

In many cases, injuries are caused by getting hit or punched. If you have swelling, discoloration, or bruising on or around your eye that comes after a blow to the face, you may have an injury that would benefit from treatment beyond ice and compression.

An urgent care doctor can provide treatment for swelling and other symptoms, but they can also ensure that you do not have another issue. For example, some physical eye injuries may require surgery, especially if the symptoms come with vision loss.

Get Treatment for an Eye Injury

Are you experiencing uncomfortable symptoms that impact your eyes and your ability to see? Urgent care should be your next stop so you can get treatment right away. Vision issues can be quite serious, and an urgent care doctor can treat you even if your eye doctor is unavailable.


26 May 2022

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