How Reiki May Help With Addiction

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If you're struggling with addiction, there are all sorts of professionals who can help you to lead a sober life. On top of your structured work to get sober, it's useful to seek out complementary therapies that can assist you in this journey. One good option to consider is reiki. You can likely find a reiki practitioner who works in your area, and then contact them to set up an appointment. A lot of people turn to reiki as they work on leaving their addictions behind. Through these sessions, you'll notice a number of positive things that can have an impact on your life.

Mental Relaxation

It's common to experience relaxation as a result of having a reiki session, and this is a feeling that you likely crave when you're working to achieve sobriety. Your mind will often be very busy as you think about your situation. You might be consumed with worries including whether you'll be able to leave your addictions in the past, how sober life will seem, and more. These chronic thoughts can certainly cause stress, and stress is something you want to reduce as it may affect your progress. The relaxation that you experience through reiki may help you to ease your mind and just focus on the daily aspects of your sobriety.

Release Of Emotions

Some people cry during or after their reiki sessions. Your reiki practitioner will likely tell you that your body is releasing emotions as you cry. As you work to move from addiction to sobriety, you likely have a lot of built-up emotions that need to be released. For example, there's a good chance that you're holding onto guilt about the pain that your addiction caused your loved ones. You may struggle with how to release this guilt on your own, but when you cry as a result of your reiki, you may notice that your guilt doesn't feel as strong.

More Energy

Even though reiki will relax you, another common thing people experience after receiving treatments is the feeling of more energy. As you work on staying sober, the additional energy that you gain from reiki can be beneficial. For example, when you feel fatigued, your sobriety work can seem daunting. This work might not seem as difficult, however, when you feel energized as a result of your reiki sessions. Having more energy can also help you to explore new, healthy pastimes, which is important for staying sober. Find a reiki practitioner in your area to set up an appointment.


18 November 2021

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