What Your OBGYN Wants You To Know About Cervical Cancer

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Fears of cervical cancer are among the biggest reasons why people make appointments with an OBGYN. Cervical cancer can be deadly, and this is why diagnosis and treatment are so important.

Do you want to learn more about cervical cancer? These are the common facts people do not know about cervical cancer until their first OBGYN appointment.

HPV Causes Most Cases

One of the most common causes of cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted infection known as human papillomavirus (HPV). This condition is the cause of most cervical cancer, and there are many strains of HPV to keep track of. The good news? Most of them do not cause cancer.

You can test for HPV with a pap smear. This process involves using a cotton swab to pick up cells from the cervix. The cells will be sent to the lab for testing, and you can have results in a matter of days.

Vaccination Can Prevent Cervical Cancer

The HPV vaccine can prevent cervical cancer. The vaccination, known as Gardasil, can prevent cancerous strains of HPV. Today, it is recommended that everybody get the vaccine before becoming sexually active.

Abnormal Cells May Indicate a Need for Closer Examination

If an OBGYN finds abnormal cells after your pap smear, you may need to come in so that the doctor can take a close look at your cervix. This is a quick procedure with minimal discomfort.

Early Cancer Has Few Symptoms

One of the biggest dangers of cervical cancer is the fact that it has very few symptoms. The best way to know you might have cervical cancer is to get a pap smear, as you likely will not notice other symptoms indicating anything is wrong. Often, symptoms don't worsen until the cancer gets to a late stage.

In some cases, people do experience serious symptoms, including pelvic pain, pain during sexual intercourse, and abnormalities in menstruation. Fatigue and weight loss are also common, and they may indicate that your body has a weakened immune system. These symptoms are often misdiagnosed or associated with another condition before a pap smear.

Cervical Cancer Can Be Treated With Early Detection

Thousands of women live with cervical cancer each year, but early detection can save lives. Make sure you contact an OBGYN near you, such as Women's Health Specialist PC, to make an appointment to test for cervical cancer, especially if you have never had an appointment before. The earlier abnormal cells are discovered, the better.


23 June 2021

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