How Burn Treatments Help Those With Very Severe Sunburns

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Spending time in the sun is often a relaxing way to spend a summer day. However, it is also possible that too much time in the direct rays of the sun could cause a person to develop a damaging sunburn that could lead to first-degree scars and skin discoloration on their body. As a result, burn treatment specialists may be essential for this type of situation. 

Sunburns May Be First-Degree Burns

Whenever summer comes around, many people take to the outdoors to get some sun after the long and cold winter. Unfortunately, some people overdo it by staying out at the beach all day and trying to get tan. Unfortunately, sun lotions can only provide so much protection and a person may end up getting severely burned by the sun. If severe enough, these burns may be first-degree and very painful.

First-degree sunburns may burn past the initial layers of the skin. Though the nerves and muscles of the skin may not be injured, the burn could be much more severe than most people realize. Some even end up with long-lasting scars caused by sunburns, a problem that can be quite devastating without getting burn treatment to manage this painful situation properly.

Treatment Can Help Avoid Lasting Danger

Most people can probably treat first-degree burns at home with some over-the-counter medication and by soaking the area in cool water for a few minutes. However, this type of care may not be appropriate if a sunburn covers a large portion of a person's body and looks to leave lasting scars. In this situation, more detailed and surgical treatment may be necessary to avoid long-lasting skin damage.

For example, a person may need to have their burned skin removed to help make way for the new skin cells. Most of the time, this removed skin should be very small and not cause any long-lasting scarring. That said, an individual may also have to get some types of slight reconstructive surgery if the skin removed is too thick or too dense, which is not always likely with sunburns but an issue that could happen.

Thankfully, professional and medical burn treatment of these issues shouldn't be too challenging or take up too much of a person's time. Many doctors can handle this type of burn care and should create a beneficial experience for those with a very severe sunburn. They can even help a person learn how to keep a sunburn from becoming too severe.

For more information about burn treatments, contact a professional. 


11 May 2020

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