4 Reasons You Should Switch To An Insulin Pump

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If you have diabetes, then frequent blood sugar tests and insulin injections are a regular part of your life. Although you might be used to it by now, there's still nothing pleasant about having to give yourself injections with a needle. Fortunately, there are alternative options available. One great option is an IV infusion pump designed to release insulin into your system. Here are four reasons you should consider switching to an insulin pump:

1. Continuous flow of medication

Traditional insulin injections are administered throughout the day, typically two to four times per day. This can help to control blood sugar, but it's not the optimal method since your blood sugar has the opportunity to spike in between rounds of medication. Insulin pumps can be programmed to release a steady flow of insulin into your bloodstream, according to Joslin Diabetes Center, which can assist in keeping your blood sugar steady throughout the day.

2. Less pain

While the needles used for insulin injections are small, they're still uncomfortable. Insulin pumps require you to insert a cannula into your skin using a needle, but this only needs to be done once every three days. Each cannula can be left in place for three days at a time, which means you won't have to stick yourself with a needle as often. Once in place, the flexible plastic of the cannula isn't painful or uncomfortable, so you can still go about your daily activities as usual.

3. More convenience

Having to find a private place to give yourself an insulin injection can be difficult when you're out in public. Plus, it's a hassle to carry around all the equipment you need to prepare your shot. You can program an insulin pump in advance and rest assured knowing that you'll get the correct dosage of medication, which leaves you free to enjoy your life without worry. If you need to administer extra insulin due to a rich meal, you can do so discreetly with the touch of a button.

4. Precise dosage

It's very important that you administer the right amount of insulin each time, since too much or too little could have disastrous health consequences. It's easy to make a mistake when you're in hurry, or if you can't see very well. Luckily, IV insulin pumps are incredibly accurate. The machine will do all the measuring for you, so you'll never have to wonder if you gave yourself the correct amount of insulin.


8 January 2019

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