A Cheat Sheet For Positive Mental Health

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If you would like to truly get the benefit of sound health, it isn't complete without taking a serious look at your mental health. The more you look at your brain and thought processes, the easier it will be for you to begin taking steps that heal you and sustain you. You're not alone if you haven't given much thought to your mental health. While people are depressed and mentally ill by the millions, many people still don't take the time they need to get properly diagnosed. If you want to reverse this and look after your mental health, start with the following ideas. 

Get professional help regularly

People today are beginning to wake up to the fact that mental health is a very real issue that can sometimes require the help of a professional. By turning to a psychiatrist, you will have the opportunity to address any mental health problems, rather than simply falling victim to them. It is advisable to visit a mental health specialist regularly, especially if you have already been diagnosed with depression or other forms of mental illness. Visiting a psychiatrist office, such as Commonwealth Affiliates PC, can help you lower your stress levels and feel unstuck overall. After the initial consultation, you can expect to pay $100 per hour or so.

Get active and physically healthy

To truly unlock the mind, you will also need to unlock the body. The better you make yourself fit, the easier it will be to walk through even the worst mental health crises. Since there are several avenues available for you to get your body in order, take the time to explore them and make them part of your everyday life. Today, more people are beginning to get smartwatches that count their steps on a daily basis. It is said that 10,000 steps per day is ideal. When you hit this sort of benchmark, you'll be relaxed, less stressed and better able to address mental issues head-on. You can also take it up a notch by running several miles per day, which fills your brain with endorphins before you even go to work. 

It is also important that you get rid of vices, such as alcohol or junk food, which make it difficult for you to maintain mental health function. Drink gallons of water and allow yourself time to get plenty of sleep and decompress. 

Use these tips to get the best from your mental health. 


5 December 2018

Making Changes With Vision Therapy

When my daughter began having academic problems in school and acting out, I knew that something wasn’t right. Her teachers wanted me to put her on ADD medications, but I didn’t think that that was the right course for us. I had serious doubts that ADD was what was causing her problems. I took her to several different specialists before discovering that her issues in school were actually do to a visual processing problem. The doctor recommended vision therapy, not medication, to help correct the problem and get her back on track. The exercises are really starting to pay off, and she’s showing great improvement.