How To Safely Use Exercise To Alleviate Back Pain

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If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you may believe that it is something that you simply need to live with. However, ongoing research has been performed on chronic back pain and physical therapists have developed new techniques that can treat chronic back pain. There are remedies you can perform at home in order to recover alongside treatments guided by physical therapy.

Pinpointing the Cause of the Pain

The solution to back pain is to identify what is causing back pain in the first place. After the cause of back pain is identified, it is then possible to mitigate or eliminate the cause in order to recover. Oftentimes, the back is not strong or flexible enough to engage in a normal range of motion, or to support the rest of the torso, so the strain caused by this results in back pain. Exercise techniques can strengthen the back and improve flexibility, allowing the back to recover.

Strengthening the Core

Exercises designed to strengthen the back are risky because improperly performing back exercises can exacerbate the injury. Exercising your core is the key to keeping your spine stabilized. Therefore, it is important to work alongside a physical therapy specialist and to be instructed by a personal trainer. An important rule of thumb is to differentiate good pain from bad pain. When exercising, a sharp pain is a sign that you are performing an exercise incorrectly. 

Exercising for Beginners

If you haven't exercised in awhile, consider purchasing an exercise ball. Then, sit on the ball and stabilize yourself. Even something this simple is enough to strengthen your back. As you become stronger, you may wish to incorporate weight training. Strength training exercises for your back can be somewhat awkward because you may be expected to perform motions that are initially uncomfortable. For instance, a bent over barbell lift requires that you lean over and pull the barbell toward your chest. Because it can be difficult to use the proper form when performing strength training exercises, it is important that you receive advice from a personal trainer before beginning. 

Working With Your Physical Therapist

In order for exercises to be effective, they must be performed regularly. Make sure to consult with your physical therapist regarding the frequency in which you should perform each exercise. Some exercises are not very strenuous and can be performed everyday. Other exercises should be performed once or twice a week. 


15 September 2017

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