3 Medical Conditions That Can Be Improved With Cannabis Oil

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As marijuana usage becomes more and more acceptable and even becoming legal in some states, many people are starting to use it for medicinal purposes. As it is not legal everywhere, though, some people are reluctant to use regular marijuana. For this reason, cannabis oil is the better choice as it doesn't get you "high," it is legal in sixteen states and counting, and the other components are highly unlikely to come up in a drug test. Here are three medical conditions that are showing promising results when treated with cannabis oil.

Anxiety and Depression

There are over 80 different compounds in cannabis, which are called cannabinoids. These compounds work by seeking out the brain receptors that correspond to the chemicals the body naturally produces. Different cannabis strains are bred specifically to affect specific areas of the body.

If you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression, seek a cannabis oil strain that has high levels of the compound cannabidiol. This compound has anti-spasm, anti-inflammation, analgesic, and anti-anxiety effects in the body. Cannabidiol is quite effectively used for alleviating restlessness, agitation, and anxiety. In fact, before cannabis was banned, it was used for centuries as a tonic for nervousness and "hysteria."

Eye Health

Glaucoma is a serious condition that can lead to blindness. It is caused by excess pressure in the eye fluids, pressing on the optic nerve, which relays sight to the brain. Macular degeneration is an incurable condition that also leads to eventual blindness. The center part of the retina deteriorates, causing the sufferer to see a large black spot instead of what they are trying to focus on. They are only able to see the edges of things. Researchers are uncertain of the exact role cannabis plays in improving or preventing further damage to the eye, but too many studies can't deny the positive effects it has.


The relaxing effects of cannabis oil helps the body enter a state of calm by lowering the heart rate. It also reduces excess energy and restlessness that can prohibit falling asleep naturally. Additionally, it helps people stay asleep once they are asleep, reducing nighttime waking that interrupts the REM cycle. Users feel refreshed in the morning rather than the hungover effect that many prescribed sleeping pills cause.

Cannabis oil and the medicinal benefits of it will continue to be studied in the coming years and decades. More and more people are recognizing that rather than being the dangerous controlled substance the government has told them it is, it is a natural substance that can be used to support health and wellness in many different areas.That being said, be sure to consult your doctor before using, particularly if you are concerned about following the law and making certain you are only using products that can pass a mandatory drug test.


22 August 2016

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