2 Natural Smoothies To Enjoy After Your Gastric Balloon Procedure

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If you are looking for a procedure that is less invasive than liposuction, then you may consider nonsurgical weight loss methods like a gastric balloon procedure. This procedure involves placing a balloon inside your stomach to take up extra space. This allows you to feel full faster and will prevent you from eating more than you usually do. As you begin to reduce your calorie intake, you will also lose weight. After the gastric balloon is inserted, it is important to stick to a liquid diet. This will help to protect the balloon and will give you a chance to get acclimated to the device. Coming up with fulfilling liquid meals can be a challenge. Luckily, there are a few natural smoothies that you can enjoy immediately after your procedure.

Papaya and Spinach Smoothie

While the point of wearing a gastric balloon is to lose weight, you still want to ensure that your body gets the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to remain healthy. This can be done with the help of a papaya and spinach smoothie. Papaya is chalked full of vitamins including vitamin C and B vitamins. Papaya is also good for protecting against any inflammation that you may experience after the procedure. In addition, spinach is considered to be a superfood. The vegetable is full of vitamins and antioxidants that will help to strengthen your body throughout the day. To make your smoothie, remove seeds from half a papaya and add it to a blender along with a handful of spinach. Add one banana to offset the taste of the spinach along with a cup of milk. You can add yogurt to thicken the smoothie or leave it as it is. Blend the mixture until it is smooth and drink it.

Pineapple and Orange Smoothie

If you are looking for a good smoothie that you can consume in the morning, then a pineapple and orange smoothie is perfect. Oranges contain a large amount of calcium that is needed to help strengthen weak areas throughout your body following the procedure. Pineapples are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help to ensure that all areas of your body remain healthy following your gastric balloon procedure. To make your morning smoothie, skin a whole pineapple and cut it into circular rings. Cut these rings in half and add five or more half rings into the blender along with two peeled oranges. Lastly, pour in a cup of milk and blend until smooth.

Getting a gastric balloon is ideal for shedding stubborn weight. However, it is important to take care of your body while you wear this device. Use these natural smoothies to help you do just that.


22 August 2016

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