Avoid Smartphone-Associated Neck Pain With These Simple Strategies

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If you find that your neck is stiff and sore because you're constantly using your smartphone, you're hardly alone. More and more people are contending with neck discomfort due to constantly looking down at their smartphone screens, whether for texting, playing games, watching videos or simply using various apps. Smartphone-associated neck pain should prompt you to visit your local chiropractor for an adjustment to alleviate your pain. Otherwise, here are some simple tips that you can use to prevent further neck issues from using your phone.

Position The Phone Higher

Whether you're reading your smartphone on the subway, at the dinner table or in bed, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of developing neck pain by positioning the phone higher. This means that instead of holding it above your lap, bend your arm and hold the screen as level with your face as possible. Doing so will allow you to keep your neck held in an upright position instead of bending it forward to the point of pain. To avoid causing fatigue to your arm, switch arms frequently and consider supporting them. For example, if you're using your phone on the couch, prop up the arm with a couple pillows.

Use A Phone Stand

Occasionally, you'll find yourself watching video clips, shows or even full-length movies on your smartphone. Over these long periods, it's not necessary feasible to hold the phone. Instead, invest in a folding phone stand. These small objects are easy to carry in your pocket or your purse and are designed to sit on a flat surface and hold your phone. Provided that you can set the stand and the phone at an appropriate height — for example, on several books piled on your desk — you should be able to watch the screen for a long period of time without developing any neck pain.

Hold Your Shoulders Back

When you're using your smartphone, regardless of whether you're sitting or standing, it's easy to allow your shoulders to slump forward. When your shoulders slump forward, your neck will no longer be held at a natural angle — it can slump forward, too, or bend backward to offset the shoulders' position. Either way, pain is likely to be the result. Make a point of holding your shoulders back as you use your smartphone. This will keep your neck in a neutral position. In this position, you can easily adjust the angle of your eyes to view the screen, while also elevating the phone.

For more help relieving neck pain, speak with your doctor.


6 July 2016

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