Book Lovers: 3 Ways That Chiropractors Can Make Reading More Comfortable

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Reading on a daily basis is a great way to get lost in books, explore fantasy worlds, and learn new things everyday. If you enjoy reading all types of books, one of the biggest hassles may be finding a comfortable position to read in. Reading for long periods of time can result in aches and pains around your whole body. Instead of struggling to read comfortably, a chiropractor can help your body with three different treatments. Each one of these treatments can help you feel refreshed and relaxed for long reading sessions.

Back Treatments

Whether you're laying flat on your back or leaning forward to read, back pain can occur when staying in the same position for lengthy periods of time. By visiting a chiropractor, you have the ability to get your back bones and muscles treated for pain. A chiropractor can find the sore spots and help massage or crack them to relieve the pain. Along with treating pains, the appointment can also help teach you more comfortable positions for reading. These positions will allow you to read for longer periods of time without experiencing the pain associated with it.

Neck Treatments

While reading, it's common to crank your neck in different positions to read the text and sit comfortably. By doing this, you end up overextending your neck and stretching muscles or ligaments inside of it. If your neck hurts after reading, a chiropractor can focus on the area for different treatments. A number of neck stretches and exercises may be completed to help relax the muscles and give your neck full flexibility. Your neck may also be cracked to relieve pain. As you continue to read, you may have to schedule a standing appointment every few months to help with stiffness, soreness, and pain.

Hand Treatments

Whether you're reading a real book or an e-book on a tablet, your hands go through a lot of strain while gripping books, turning pages, and holding the novels up for extended periods of time. A chiropractor can use specific techniques to help ease finger and joint pain. This may include special methods for cracking your knuckles, soothing your palms, and stretching out fingers for more flexibility. A number of the exercises taught at the appointment can be used at home before and after a long reading session. If you bring in a book or tablet, a chiropractor may teach you better ways to hold it for long periods of time. This can help you greatly when going through long reading sessions.

Contact a chiropractor's office to make an appointment and discuss specific pains. In some cases, you have separate appointments for each part of your body so they can all get focused on properly.


28 June 2016

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