Debunking Common Myths For Those Suffering From Hearing Loss

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The ability to hear clearly can be a critical sense for being able to communicate with your loved ones. Sadly, there are a number of hearing issues that a person may develop over the course of their live. Thankfully, when these issues arise, patients can use hearing aids to help restore this sense. Yet many patients may give credit to a few myths about hearing loss and hearing aids. Having these notions corrected may help you to be better prepared to preserve your sense of hearing.

Myth: It Is Easy To Tell If You Are Suffering From Hearing Loss

There is a common notion among many people that hearing problems will be easy for the patient to notice. This may be true when the hearing loss occurs suddenly as a result of injury, but there are many instances where the hearing loss will develop very gradually over the course of time. As a result, patients may not fully be aware of the severity of their hearing loss, which is why it is recommended for individuals to have their hearing tested at least once every couple of years.

Myth: Hearing Aids Are Always Very Noticeable

Some individuals may be hesitant about using hearing aids because they are concerned about them being noticeable. Not surprisingly, many people want a discreet solution for improving their hearing. Luckily, it is possible to get implants that almost entirely fit in the ear canal, which can make them extremely difficult for other people to notice. While these hearing aids may have a slightly higher cost, this can be a small price to pay for being confident that other people are not noticing your hearing aid.

Myth: A Hearing Aid Will Not Require Maintenance

To get the most from your hearing aid, it will be essential for you to perform some routine maintenance on it. Typically, this will mostly involve removing any earwax that has accumulated on the exterior. Failure to remove the earwax can allow it to block the sound from your hearing aid. Ideally, you should wipe down your hearing aid each time that you remove it for the day.

In addition to keeping the hearing aid clean, you will also need to have it serviced every year. During this servicing, your hearing will be tested to ensure that the hearing aid is sufficient for your needs. If your hearing has decreased, it may be possible to increase the amplification of the hearing aid to compensate. Additionally, the battery and internal components of the device will be inspected and tested to ensure that they are not at risk of failing.

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25 May 2016

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