Which Kind Of Lift Chair Is Right For You?

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If you're considering buying a lift chair for yourself or a loved one, you have some decisions to make. Although all lift chairs are designed to help people to get up out of the chair and then sit down again by raising the chair off the ground, there are other factors to consider as well. This guide will explain the three basic types of lift chairs, and help you to decide which one meets your needs the most.

Two Position Lift Chairs

One of the most common forms of lift chairs is the two position lift chair. Like all lift chairs, the seat will rise and lower to help people to get in and out of the chair. However, it also offers limited functionality for comfort, which is why it's called a two position chair.

Two position chairs offer two positions once they're lowered to a normal seating level: sitting straight up, and reclining slightly back. The reclining feature is good for being a bit more comfortable and watching television.

Three Position Lift Chairs

Three position lift chairs offer fully upright, partial reclining, and fully reclining positions. These chairs are a good option for people who want or need to spend longer periods of time in the chair, especially if they might doze off. The full reclining position goes back as far as a normal recliner, so it's a comfortable way to get some rest and stretch out a bit.

Dual Motor Lift Chairs

Lastly, the most elaborate type of lift chair is the dual motor lift chair. This type of lift chair allows the user to control the leg and back portions of the chair separately, allowing for nearly any position imaginable. For example, the back could lie completely flat, but the leg portion could stay down, instead of going up.

This type of chair is excellent for people who intend to sleep for longer periods in the chair. It's also a great choice for anyone who has edema in their legs and has been directed by their doctor to keep their legs elevated above the level of their heart.

Lift chairs are a great way for the elderly, disabled, or injured to easily get in and out of their chair. They reduce the risk of falling, straining, or being entirely unable to get up. All you need to do is decide what kind of reclining functionality you want or need, so keep this guide in mind when you purchase a lift chair.  


8 April 2016

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