Four Ways To Get Comfortable With Your New Hearing Aids

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When putting in your hearing aids for the first time, your experience may be different than you expected. Use the following suggestions to help you to feel more comfortable as you wear your new hearing devices.

Sit in a Quiet Room

You may be tempted to pop in your new hearing aids and head out on the town. However, it can be difficult to separate speech from other sounds in crowded areas at first, and your brain may need some time to process all the new sounds it is getting. To ease yourself into the hearing aid experience, it might be best to sit for a while in a quiet room and try to listen for ticking clocks and other sounds. This will help you get used to your new way of hearing.

Keep Them In

You may only want to wear your hearing aids for going out or certain experiences, but in order to use your devices effectively, it's important to wear them as often as possible. One reason for this is that you need to get used to the feeling of the devices in your ear. 

Another reason to wear your hearing aids as often as you can is that as you wear your hearing aids, you will be better able to filter out sounds and to process what you're hearing. If you wear them infrequently, it will take you longer to adjust to different voices and sounds, especially in loud environments.

Know How to Recognize and Troubleshoot Minor Problems

While it does take some time to adjust to your new devices, it is important to know when you are experiencing something that is normal and something that could indicate you need repairs on your hearing aids.

For example, if you hear static when wearing your devices, you need to know that the cause might be an amplifier problem, but it could also be earwax buildup that simply needs to be cleaned. Talk to your audiologist about common problems so you know how to do some troubleshooting if you have to.

Ask Family Members to Adjust the TV

One of the challenges you may feel when wearing your new hearing aids is that you aren't quite sure what "normal' volume should be. To help you with this, have family members turn on the television and adjust the sound to a "normal" level. This way, you'll get some idea of how high the volume in your hearing aids should be.

With the tips laid out above, you can feel better about wearing your new hearing aids. Talk to a local specialist like Audiologists Northwest if you would like more guidance.


18 January 2016

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