Critical Specifications You Must Know When Purchasing A Stair Lift

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When it is time to purchase a stair lift, you will need to select from a narrow set of options that meet your specifications. Stair lifts need to be selected based on the dimensions of your flight of stairs, the shape of your stair case and the weight of the individual who will be using the stair lift.

The Dimensions

It is best to have two individuals perform the measurements for a new stair lift. If the measurement turns out to be wrong, the stair lift will not fit properly and you may need parts with different dimensions. Begin at the top of the stairs and hold one end of the measuring tape. Then, have your helper extend the measuring tape all the way down the stairs. Record the measured length. Then, measure the width of the stairs and record the value. Finally, measure the height. These dimensions will need to be given to the company that will install your stair lift.

You will need to decide whether the stair lift will need to allow for foot traffic around the stair lift. This is especially important when the user lives with other individuals. The stair lift should only be used by the intended patient because the overuse of the stair lift can cause it to wear down more quickly. Some stair lifts have carriage seats designed to curl around the top and bottom of the stairs, placing the carriage out of the way of the steps.

The Shape Of The Stairs

The type of stair lift you ultimately select will be partially determined by the shape of your stairs. Traditional flights of stairs need stair lifts. Spiral stairs need curved rails. If the stairs suddenly turn in a 90 degree angle, you will need an L-Shaped stair lift. If you have more than one set of stairs, with one being a traditional staircase, select this flight of stairs for the stair lift since it will be less expensive.

The Weight Of The User

Inform the company about the weight of the primary user. There are stair lifts that are designed for heavy lifting. The maximum capacity for many stair lifts is 300lbs, but there are greater carrying capacities available.

After you have provided the company with the proper information, you should allow the technicians to install the stair lift. Even if you are handy with DIY tasks, you may make technical mistakes that will make the stair lift unsafe to use. Click here for more info.


31 December 2015

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