How To Take Your Arm Cast From Boring To Extraordinary

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If you broke your arm, then you are probably wearing a cast. You are stuck with wearing that plain white cast for the next couple of weeks. Of course, everyone is going to ask a bunch of questions when they see your broken arm. You can take the focus away from your injury by dressing up your cast. Here are four ways to take your cast from boring to extraordinary.

Arm Covers

An arm cast cover is worn over your cast. It keeps your cast more hygienic, smooth and clean. These covers come in a variety of patterns and colors. They take your cast from plain to stylish.

Arm covers work really well for children. Most children are not happy about being limited because of a broken arm. A stylish cover can make this ordeal a little more enjoyable. 

Get Signatures

One of the most traditional ways to decorate your cast is to get people to sign it. If you have a fiberglass cast, then it can be hard to sign. It helps to use a thick-tipped marker to get the best signatures.

These signatures can help you remember the experience as a positive memory. After removal, you can package the signed cast in a box to preserve it. 

Ask Your Doctor for Color

Most doctors offer a variety of colors for your cast options. They usually have dark colors because patients prefer colors that will not get dirty quick. You are going to be wearing the cast for a while and it can get dirty. A dark color does not get dirty as quick as a light one. Common colors offered are orange, pink and green. If you want a color not being offered, then you need to tell your doctor in advance. 

Get a Tattoo

A casttoo is a tattoo for your cast. It is hard to draw a design on a cast. This problem is solved with a casttoo. A casttoo is easy to apply. You can use a hair dryer to get the design to stick to your cast. Casttoos also come in a variety of designs and sizes. 

If you broke your arm while playing a sport, then you probably want to heal as soon as possible.   Wearing a cast sets your bones back in place and helps you heal faster.  It can be uncomfortable, but you should follow your doctor's instructions. Getting creative with your cast makes you feel better about wearing one. 


14 October 2015

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