4 Signs That You Shouldn't Ignore Your Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids can be a perfectly normal -- and totally embarrassing -- problem. If you are suffering from these small and uncomfortable bumps, you probably don't want to tell anyone about it. However, there are some cases in which hemorrhoids really shouldn't be ignored. If you find yourself dealing with any of these problems, now is the time to see your physician about your hemorrhoids.

Your primary care doctor might be able to help you, or he or she might suggest that you see a rectal surgeon about your situation:

1. Your Hemorrhoids are Bleeding

If you find blood in the toilet or on your toilet paper after you use the bathroom, you should take the problem seriously. Your hemorrhoids could just be slightly inflamed, but there's a chance that the problem is more serious. Regardless, blood isn't something that you should ignore when it's coming from that part of your body.

2. Over-the-Counter Medication Isn't Helping

Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids find that over-the-counter medication helps their symptoms go away in just a few days. It's definitely worth a try to try one of these medications -- you can purchase one from your local pharmacy or even a mass market retail store -- but if the medication doesn't work after several days, then it might be time to see the doctor to get a stronger medicine that can really do the job.

3. Dizziness or Faintness

Hemorrhoids should be annoying and a little uncomfortable -- they shouldn't be dangerous. If you find that you are feeling dizzy, lightheaded or faint, you might be losing too much blood, or your hemorrhoids could be the sign of something much more serious. Don't ignore the situation if you are feeling less than your best; instead, see a doctor or rectal surgeon to ensure that your hemorrhoids aren't something that you should be worried about.

4. Oddly-Colored Stools

Checking the toilet after using the bathroom might not be very pleasant, but it's important to do if you have hemorrhoids. If you find that your stools are strange in color or show the signs of bleeding, it's essential to see a doctor right away.

Dealing with hemorrhoids isn't much fun, and you might want to ignore them as if they don't exist. There are some cases when hemorrhoids can be serious, however, and it's important to see a good doctor in these situations. If you notice any of these signs, now is the time to see your physician.

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25 March 2015

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