Things To Stock Up On Before Your Liposuction Surgery

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The better you prepare for liposuction before your surgery, the easier it will be to recover. You can prepare for the liposuction procedure by stocking your home with a few important items that help those who have just undergone surgery to recover as quickly as possible.

The following are some important items you should have on hand at home so that they're ready for you when you return and begin the post-op recovery process.


There are certain medications you should have on hand to aid in the recovery process. First of all, you should ask your surgeon for any instructions on medications you will need to take after surgery. Generally, you should have some pain medications and laxatives on hand in addition to anything else your doctor prescribes or recommends.


After surgery, you'll want to apply moisturizer to your skin and scar reduction cream to any incision sites on your body where scars might develop. You also might want to stock up on a topical antibiotic ointment to keep your skin clean and disinfected. 

Simple foods

You'll need to go easy on your stomach after surgery. This means eating simple foods that are easily digested like applesauce, soup, crackers, and prune juice. Remember that foods that keep you regular and are high in fiber are ideal for post-op recovery. 

Medical supplies

Certain medical supplies are likely to come in handy once you come home from surgery. Items like gauze pads, a thermometer, a heating pad, ice packs, and cleansing wipes could help keep you comfortable while you're recovering. 

Comfortable bedding

Rest and sound sleep are important in recovering from any kind of surgery. The more comfortable you are, the better you'll sleep. Prepare a "nest" area in your home where you can maximize comfort with plush pillows, thick blankets, and soft cushions.

Remember that your incision sites may be draining for some time after surgery. This means that you might have to discard the bedding you use after you've completely recovered from surgery. 


After liposuction, patients generally stay at home for at least a week to recover. During this time, you'll want to keep yourself entertained so that the time goes by quickly and enjoyable.

Before surgery, you should stock up on entertainment options like movies and books that you've been meaning to check out. Get your laptop, television, remote control, Kindle, magazines, iPod, and any other accessory you use for entertainment in position so that you can begin resting immediately when you get home. 

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2 February 2015

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