3 Tips For A Happy And Healthier Marriage


Divorce has become more common than ever in our society. Many couples are on the brink of ruin and are looking for ways to save their marriage. For many people, it is the simple things that will make the biggest difference in their marriage. Here are some simple things that couples can do to improve their marriage.

1.  Show More Patience

Many people are incredibly patient with their children or other people in their life, but lose it with their spouse. They might have unrealistic expectations of their spouse or expect perfection. This is not fair, nor is it healthy. Instead, you should try to show patience and understanding with your spouse, even if they continue to have problems. Change can be really hard. You cannot expect your spouse to change a bad habit or a character flaw overnight, or even in the course of a couple months or years. People need time to change, and in the meantime those who love them most need to be patient.

2. Cheer For Your Spouse Instead Of Criticize

Many couples fall into the trap of being overly critical with their spouse. They find fault with everything that bothers them, rather than being a cheerleader for their spouse. It can be very hurtful to your spouse's self-esteem to feel like you are constantly finding reasons to be dissatisfied or critical.

Thus, try harder to find reasons to compliment your spouse. When they are having a hard day remind them of all the reasons that you love them. Support your spouse in their work and household duties. Constantly tell them that you believe in them. This will help them to feel better about themselves, and it will strengthen your marriage in the process.

3. Forgive and Forget Often

Everyone will make mistakes and have times when they fall short. It is simply human nature. Just like we need to show patience for our spouse, we need to forgive and forget often. Marriage is made up of two imperfect people. You will need to ask your spouse's forgiveness and they will do the same for you.

In addition, when you have forgiven your spouse for something that they did against you, forget about it and don't bring it up again. Do not hold things against your spouse. You have to learn how to let it go. This will help both you and your spouse to move on.

By practicing these simple things in your marriage, you will have a stronger and happier marriage. For more marriage advice, contact a company such as Malan Relationship Health.


9 January 2015

Making Changes With Vision Therapy

When my daughter began having academic problems in school and acting out, I knew that something wasn’t right. Her teachers wanted me to put her on ADD medications, but I didn’t think that that was the right course for us. I had serious doubts that ADD was what was causing her problems. I took her to several different specialists before discovering that her issues in school were actually do to a visual processing problem. The doctor recommended vision therapy, not medication, to help correct the problem and get her back on track. The exercises are really starting to pay off, and she’s showing great improvement.