How Your Body's Energy Can Improve Or Damage Your Health


If you have chronic health problems, there's a chance that your body's energy is out of balance or weak. This guide will examine three types of energy systems in and around your body and will explain how they work and how they can be balanced or restored.

Your Body's Energy

Energy healers believe that energy flows through and around the body of all living things. This energy has the potential to heal and improve your overall health, but when it's weak or out of balance, it can make you more susceptible to illness and depression. Most people can't feel the energy, but psychics and energetic healers can sense and sometimes even see the energetic fields.


Chakras are an important part of the Hindu religion, which originated in India. There are seven major chakras in total, which control and support everything from your emotions to your organ function. If your chakras are unbalanced, they can't manage your body properly and your health may suffer as a result.


Auras are energetic fields surrounding the body that can vary in size and color depending on the health and spiritual ability of the person they surround. Many religions and faiths believe in auras, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and some New Age religions. Psychics are said to be able to view the aura surrounding others, and a special type of camera can show a person's aura via photography. A weak aura may increase emotional or mental distress and leave a person susceptible to psychic attack.


Qi, sometimes written as chi or ki, is an energy that flows through the body in a meridian system that resembles the veins and arteries of the body. This energy is said to nurture every aspect of the body: health, growth, and healing. However, problems occur when blockages develop in the meridians or qi is unbalanced. Qi in particular has a delicate balance: to improve one's health, a balance between the six evils is necessary.

How To Improve Your Energy

Energy healers can balance chakras, improve energetic flow and boost the strength of your aura. The method differs from healer to healer: they may use Reiki, a Japanese method of energy healing, or channel energy from the Earth or themselves to improve yours.

Boosting your body's energy or improving its flow and balance yourself is also possible. In addition to being an excellent exercise, one of yoga's original intentions is to strengthen and balance the chakras of the body. Master-level Reiki healers can attune others to Reiki's energy, allowing them to heal themselves and others.

Even if you can't see it, your body's energy is there to help maintain your health and heal you when you're ill. Energy healers, like, can help to balance and restore this energy, allowing you to live your fullest, healthiest life.


8 January 2015

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