Top Benefits Of An Air Ambulance Vs. A Ground Ambulance

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Obviously, ground ambulances are used all the time to transport patients to the hospital or to other medical facilities. They obviously have their uses and benefits, but air ambulances are considered by many to be superior. Even though it is not always possible to use an air ambulance for transport of a patient and even though air ambulances are typically more costly to operate, they are often considered better than ground ambulances for these primary reasons.

They Can Get a Patient Somewhere Much More Quickly

Obviously, a helicopter or small plane can travel much more quickly than a ground ambulance. Standard operating speeds are much faster, and there isn't the same concern about highways and traffic as there is on the ground. In situations where someone needs medical assistance right away, it is hard to beat an air ambulance. In emergency situations when there is not a lot of time to get someone to the emergency room or other medical facility, an air ambulance is typically the clear choice, unless there are no air ambulances available in the area or unless the distance that has to be traveled is very short.

They Open Up More Possibilities for Treatment

In some cases, it simply is not feasible to transport a patient to a certain treatment center or medical facility because it might be too far away when a ground ambulance is being used. This can be a big problem in some situations, since getting the best possible medical care from the best possible facility can make a big difference. When an air ambulance is used, it becomes possible to transport patients to facilities that are much further away. Since this opens up a lot more options, it makes it possible for patients to get the best possible treatment.

If you are looking into a medical transportation option for yourself or a loved one, it is probably important to you to choose the right option. In some cases, a ground ambulance is more than sufficient. For other situations, though, there are clear and obvious benefits of using an air ambulance. In fact, the two benefits above are just two of the main reasons why an air ambulance might be a better option for you or your loved one's situation. Therefore, if you are looking for a medical transport option, it may pay to consider an air ambulance. Once you find out more about an air ambulance, you can find out if one might work well for you or your loved one's medical situation and needs.


1 July 2019

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